Trinity Church


In 1947, a group of Episcopalians living near LSU joined to start a mission. They purchased property at the corner of Stanford and Morning Glory Avenues and arranged for an army chapel to be moved on the property in July, 1947. The first service was held in November, 1947 and the Trinity Mission was recognized by the Diocese on January 1, 1948.

The Reverend Stratton Lawrence was named the first vicar in May 1948 and remained at Trinity as rector until June 1965. Also occurring in 1948 were the building of a Sunday School wing and the opening of a Kindergarten.

In 1957, the current church building was erected. Parishioners donated talent to realize this vision. Then member and artist Sonia Rostovsky painted the Byzantine art work on the two altars. Beautiful French mosaic stained glass windows were installed.

In 1959, a parishioner donated the money for Baton Rouge’s first major pipe organ. The organ continues to be one of the finest pipe organs in Baton Rouge today.

In 1965, the Reverend David Coughlin became the second rector of Trinity. He remained rector for 20 years, retiring in April of 1985. Under his leadership, the parish and day school continued to grow and build. As adjoining property became available, the parish purchased it. The present office building, school building, and activities building were constructed during his tenure

In 1986, the Reverend Paul E. Cosby was named third Rector of Trinity and served until 1988.

In 1989, the Reverend Robert W. Trent, Jr. was named fourth Rector of Trinity and served until May, 1992.

Upon Fr. Trent's departure, the associate rector, Ralph F. Howe, Jr., was named the fifth rector of Trinity, serving until 2004. Under Fr. Howe’s leadership, the school grew and added a new classroom wing, as well as a library and music room. Additional property adjacent to the school and church were acquired, allowing the school space for a new playground, and the church additional space for a nursery and youth meeting center.

In May of 2005, the Reverend Ken Ritter was named sixth rector of Trinity Church, and served until February, 2011. Fr. Ritter's vision for Trinity provided substantial growth for the parish - with a special emphasis on programs and outreach.

In January of 2012, the Reverend R. Kevin Kelly was named seventh rector of Trinity Church. He served until August 2013.

In December of 2014, the Reverend Sharon A. Alexander began serving as Trinity's eighth rector. Under her leadership, Trinity is focusing on bringing the relationship between the church and school closer together, reaching out into the community, and expanding Christian formation.