Trinity Church


Do you want to help spread the good news about Trinity Church and Trinity Episcopal Day School? The Welcome Ministry offers meaningful, fun ways to engage including:

Greeting at Services: Whether you're new to our parish or you've loved Trinity for decades, greeting our members and visitors provides a delightful and meaningful way to participate in the life of our parish. Do not worry that you will not know what to say- we're happy to provide training to make it easy and fun. For more information, just contact us.

Welcoming Newcomers: We work to support Trinity by sharing the good news about our parish and school in many ways, including connecting with area newcomers more effectively and exploring ways to spread the word about our church and school, online and offline. You don't need to be a marketing maven or a WordPress wizard to help with this important mission- we welcome your support. Just click here to get involved.

Integrating Newcomers: Our goal is to welcome and help integrate newcomers into the life of our parish. This includes personally contacting visitors and newcomers, hosting an annual welcome dinner for newcomers, and helping our newest members to identify the ways in which they would most like to participate in parish life. To find out more, please contact us.

Promoting Integraion between Trinity Church and Trinity Episcopal Day School: Trinity Episcopal Day School serves as the largest mission of the parish. We work to support that mission by providing opportunities to keep the connection between the parish and school strong. This includes activities to bring the school and parish together, conducting the annual survey of the school and dissminating results to the parish, and supporting the Head of School in various capacities. To join us, click here.